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Signs of a Dying Tree You Shouldn’t Ignore

May 10, 20232 min read

Having a dead tree on your property is not an ideal situation. It can cause damage to your property and other properties nearby. If you are unsure what to do about it, call a professional tree service and let them take care of it.

While there is no doubt that trees can last hundreds of years, there are sure signs of a dying tree to look out for. If you want to keep your property looking beautiful and prevent your trees from dying on you, you should learn to spot these signs of tree decay.

The most obvious sign of a dead tree is the lack of leaves. You should be happy to see the leaves return in the fall, but it’s time to cut the cord if they are missing altogether. A dead tree has no nutrient flow to its leaves, so it will fall off and become brittle. A tree with many branches that break off in large amounts is a telltale sign that it’s on its way out the door.

The tree might have a few branches bent over a bit and a few limp branches. You want to avoid getting into the trouble of getting rid of a tree, so you should try to detect these signs before they get out of hand. The symptoms of a dying tree might be hard to spot, but they do exist.

There are a few obvious signs of a dead tree, but there are also many more subtle ones. The tree may have lost its bark, but the wood is dry and crumbly. The tree might also be missing its most notable tree-like features, such as leaves and flowers. The tree’s root system is likely to be in bad shape, as well. Taking a close look at the tree’s root system is essential because it’s the source of most of the tree’s water and nutrients.

The tree may have a trunk with deep splits or holes in the bark. This could indicate a more severe problem, such as rot. The tree could also be prone to damage from storms and other weather events. The signs of a dying tree may be more subtle, but if you’re not checking your trees regularly, you may need to be made aware of the state of their health.

The tree might also have a few fungus-infested branches. A fungal infestation can be the root of many problems. Call a professional arborist to take a look if you see any of these signs of a dying tree. They can also apply fungicides to slow the progression of decay. You can also call a certified tree service to see if they can recommend a solution.

The tree might have an infected root or a root growing from the ground. Infected trees can be a pain to remove, so you should try to keep an eye out for these symptoms of a dying tree.

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